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What Is New

08/26/2019 R-Tag Report Manager Version 18.2 released

- Updated the skin engine and added fast icons directly to the form caption

Bug fixes:
- Fixed an issue with short tasks scheduler when local database is used.

07/21/2019 R-Tag Report Manager Version 18.1 released

- Improved performance for Crystal reports, R-Tag Dashboard reports and the initial program start. Crystal reports are on average 20% faster then in version 17.0. R-Tag Dashboards support DirectX and rendering and scrolling is significantly faster.

Bug fixes:
- Fixed #Err result for expression calculations. This bug was rare and happened when an expression was edited and then changes were canceled.
- Fixed corrupted layout file causing R-Tag to start with empty screen.
- Fixed "String or binary data would be truncated" when a job is sending emails to too many addresses and the record is saved to teh journal.
- Fixed selected tree node background color. In version 18.0, on some machines, backround and forecolor of the selected node was the same and it was impossible to read the text.

05/23/2019 R-Tag Report Manager Version 18.0 released

- Version 18.0 is using SAP Crystal Reports runtime 13.0.25 ( the latest version as of May 2019). R-Tag Report Manager 17.4 is still available for download in case you use other software, which require version of the reuntime before 13.0.20

04/01/2019 R-Tag Report Manager Version 17.4 released

- Added an option to email multiple files, generated during bursting or data driven jobs at the end of the job. For example a bursting job could generate 100 PDF files, one for each group. At the end of the job all 100 files could be merged in a single PDF or the list of files could be filtered by name and just some of the files could be attached and send by email.

02/01/2019 R-Tag Report Manager Version 17.3 released

- Added event folder option. When a command file is copied/created in this folder R-Tag will execute the corresponding report. This is a more secure way to run reports in command prompt. The command file should be encrypted with a password, which guarantees that just applications and users who have access to the password will be able to run reports using commands.

- Added option to save emails (with attachments) to the internal Document management. This allows to review the activity and the sent emails. - Improved the journal to include details about data driven and bursting jobs. For example if the data driven query returns 100 rows, they will be shown in the journal with parameters values, the generated output files, emails and the processing time for each row. The output files and emails can be opened and reviewed simply by double clicking the record. Journal looks like this and can be viewed for a single report or job and for a folder.

10/01/2018 R-Tag Report Manager Version 17.2 released

- Released new version of BOE Connector compatible with R-Tag 17. - Added a permission to control if the user is allowed to change report's output format when the report is run manually. For example the administrator can set the report output to PDF and to not allow user to choose another format.

Bug fixes: - fixed a bug for automated reports' documentation refresh.

7/10/2018 R-Tag Report Manager Version 17.1 released

- Improved security for Crystal reports' files. End user will be able run and export reports using R-Tag, but will not have direct access to the files. This improves the security since the end user will be not able to change the report before to run it. Possible advantages are safely filtering data in reports based on current user name.
- Added a button to swap sides when comparing Crystal reports.

Bug fixes: - fixed an issue with advanced connections for crystal reports.
- fixed a bug in Crystal reports search when name and text of the object (formula or field) contain the searched text string.
- fixed a bug showing status Success for reports with errors.
- fixed a bug for AD (Active Directory) accounts with future expiration dates treated as already expired.

4/1/2018 R-Tag Crystal DataSource Updater Version 3.0 released

- Added support for TLS 1.2 drivers. The latest PCI compliance standards require that TLS 1.2 to be used after June 30, 2018. Do you comply?

- Added 2 different ways to set reports' database conections. Crystal reports are created in different versions and go through diifferent update path. Some version require special handlig when database connection is update.:

  1. Replace: This is a light and fast method, which will replace the existing connections with the new connections. Try thid method first. There are some specific scenarios when this method is the only option. For example if your reports are using just server and user/password to connect to the database server and the database name is set by fully qualified table names in the SQL ( for example database.dbo.table1)
  2. Rebuild: This method will completely wipe report connections and will create new connections. Everything will be recreated from scratch.

- Added Verify database for all databases.

4/1/2018 R-Tag Report Manager Version 17.0 released

R-Tag Viewer and Scheduler

- Added support for TLS 1.2 drivers. The latest PCI compliance standards require that TLS 1.2 to be used after June 30, 2018. Do you comply?

- Added support for Active Directory. You can add Active Directory groups to R-Tag roles and use Active directory users instead of creating R-Tag users.

- Added support for email Distribution groups. Define groups of users, emails and Active directory groups and use them to send emails. For example create a distribution group Senior Management and set multiple scheduled jobs to send emails to this group. When a new manager is added to the team just add the contact info to the Senior Management distribution group and the manager will start receiving all important reports

- Added export to E-book (extension EPUB) and Open Document Format (extension ODT)

- Added "watch folder". When a password protected file with report / job settings and parameters is saved in this folder R-Tag scheduler will use the data and run the report / job. This is useful when it is necessary to run reports from custom applications. This is added as an alternative of using command prompt parameters. The command prompt approach has security issues since it is easy to tamper and to run reports without permissions. It also may cause memory and concurency issues since for each report the custom application will start a separate copy of the reporting software.

- New Query editor to allow creating queries for Advanced dashboards using visual interface

- Added central connection management and connection types. Now it is possible to save and reuse partial connection.

- Improved scheduler service using the calendar interface. Better support for multi-threading.

- Scheduler filter to show/hide task fore some jobs.

- New scheduler service for short period tasks to avoid flooding the calendar with per second and per minute tasks.

- New export options for PDF files allowing to set document and signature properties.

- New export options for Excel files allowing to set columns auto fit, max size, page size, header, footer, document security, insert data inside a template etc.

R-Tag Documentation and Search

- Added a new task type for R-Tag Scheduler to automate refreshing reports' metadata.

- Generate reports SQL even without access to the report database.

- New formatting options for reports' and subreports' SQLs.

- New formatting options for reports' formulas.

R-Tag Version Control

- New engine to compare reports' versions approx 100 times faster than the previous one. A sample comparisson , which was taking 4 seconds with the old engine took 28 miliseconds with the new engine.
- Find report similarities. Thanks to the new faster compare engine it is possible to run comparisson for similarities. You can find all reports in a folder and the percentage of similarity to a current report in just few secconds.

6/21/2017 Version 16.1 released

- Bug fixes
- Changes in R-Tag Version control and R-Tag Documentation and Search to improve Search performance
- Removing all dependencies to external applications (Git, SVN etc.) No need to install and configure external repositories
- Release of new website: www.r-tagsoftware.com.

4/17/2017 Version 16.0 released

- Performance updates for export to Excel and scheduled tasks processing.
- Adding multiple login options for Crystal reports server and BOE.
- Bug fixes
- Applying changes to R-Tag Crystal reports assemblies to allow R-Tag to work on a terminal server without Crystal reports license.

9/14/2016 Version 15.0 released

- Scheduler service detects dependencies by other services and waits until they are started on computer restart . In case of database connection drop the service will check continuously for connection and will try to refresh the data as soon as connection is restored. Email will be send in case of connection or issue at service start.

- Catalog. New system to assign additional information to reports: tasks, owners, statuses, tags, description , summary
1. Ticketing system. Create tasks, assign them to reports and developers, set start date, estimate and due date. Allows developers to save time spent on each tasks, set task status, add notes, emails and documents to internal document management an associate them with the task. This system is linked to R-Tag Version Control for Crystal Reports and allows to link development tasks with internal report changes.

2. Report tags system. Create your own tags and assign them to reports , search and filter reports by tags.

- Advanced settings for PDF and Excel files. New option for custom file extension.

- New dynamic values dropdown. Blue dot marker is replaced with a regular button. This resolves the problem with occasional hanging on slow systems. Dropdown is resizable.

- Relative dates support first day, last day, days from the beginning, days before the end.

- Support for quarters in relative dates. Here is how to set 3 days before the end of the previous quarter.

- Added Report description tooltip allowing to show quickly additional information.