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Codegato Version Control for Crystal reports

Codegato Version Control is a standalone solution, which keeps track of report's changes. You do not need to purchase, install and learn additional version control systems. Here are some of the main features:

  • Analyze the reports, including sub-reports, and create documentation
  • Compare different versions of the same report
  • Compare different reports
  • Find reports' similarities by comparing the structure of all your reports.
  • Find the differences for any report property including report's SQL, Formulas, SQL Expressions, Formatting, field's positions etc. between the versions
  • Search report metadata. Find all reports, which use specific table, formula, connection, text etc.
  • Lock and unlock reports to allow to be edited by one developer at a time
  • Import a whole folder of reports including sub-folders
  • Custom notes and attachment associated with versions. Document the change requests by adding all related documents and emails to the reports' versions.
  • Quickly restore to any of the previous report versions
  • EPIC users or other users with external report vendors, can compare newly received report update packages with the current reports used in their systems. Find reports with differences and inspect the changes.
  • Codegato Version Control for Crystal reports is a complete version control solution. No additional cost for training and licenses for other software. No need to use Git, SVN, TFS or any other version control system for file versioning.

Crystal reports files are binary files and cannot be compared directly. Until now, when you change a report, you had to keep notes otherwise you will never know WHO made the change , WHAT was changed and WHEN was changed. Imagine a case when a report was changed and a new bug was introduced. You know the date when the report was changed you just don't know what exactly was changed. If you have a change log, where each change was documented, you can easily find and fix the bug. So the question is: Do you have a change log for each of your reports and are you sure it is accurate?

Codegato Version Control keeps track of report's changes and is able to answer any WHO-WHAT-WHEN question immediately. You can find the differences between any report's versions in seconds.

Codegato Version Control for Crystal reports advantages compared to conventional version control systems

  • Codegato Version control understands and can compare Crystal reports binary file format. You can see the differences between report's versions and decide which one you need to restore
  • Use your version control as a search engine. Find all reports, which are using a specific table or contain a formula with specific name or text inside. Good luck doing that in Git or TFS :)
  • Literally zero learning curve and very low maintenance.
  • Integrated document management system so you can attach emails, PDFs, Word and Excel files and any other related document to the commited report's version. You can drag even the voice mail somebody left with request for changes and add it as a note. In such way you can connect the applied changes with the requests and communication during the development
  • Single interface to edit, run and automate reports.
  • Automate report metadata related tasks. For example find and notify for changes in reports in a folder.
  • Codegato Version control understands the context of the changes. Changing a report connection is not the same as changing a formula.


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